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Bringing Aspen Home: Tips on creating a luxe lodge feel

Posted on 12/23/2013 by Administrator Account in luxe lodge modern lodge fur blanket cowhide rug antler light fur pillows horn console

Love the modern lodge feel so much you want to have it all year round? Here are some tips on incorporating lodgey elements into your home. The key is balance: spread luxe lodge throughout your home to merely suggest a ski lodge. Try adding one mirror, lamp, table or antler accessory in an otherwise modern space.



Use fabrics and fur to insinuate a cozy mountain retreat.


Try using rugs to tone down a classic space. Instant lodge cool.


Need help pulling off this look in a clean, modern way? Let LLI help you create this look- just call our office and we'll make it happen.

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Holiday tradition remix

Posted on 12/22/2013 by Administrator Account in modern christmas tree designer christmas neon christmas tree christmas decor christmas centerpiece

Christmas decorating can be done in style. It's simply a matter of giving old-school traditions a fresh new twist. Here's some inspiration. All the best, all in one place, just in the knick of time! Happy holidays from LLI. XX



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Haute baby rooms

Posted on 12/16/2013 by Administrator Account in baby room baby room colors modern baby bed modern baby room modern baby crib girls baby colors

Designing a baby room can be daunting: it should reflect the parent's aesthetic but be tailored to a baby's needs. At the same time, it should be timeless. Here are some tips for a not-so-baby-ish, stylish baby room.

Avoid primary colors, pastels and choose muted versions of adult shades. We like to combine unexpected hues such as raspberry and moss green,  peacock, salmon and charcoal or rose brown and white.  To achieve an haute look, you'll probably have to avoid the bed-in-a-bag. 

Blackout drapes are key if you want to gain minutes of shuteye after sunrise. Think sophisticated drapery.

Themes are usually a bad idea. Use your favorite themes only as inspiration, and imply your ideas throughout colors and finishes. Subtlety

Try monogram to personalize the space.

Have fun with paint: try stripes or color blocking.

Wallpaper. Of course.

A great chandelier and rug take a baby room to the next level.

Go for quality. Baby rooms don't have to be plastic and linen. Go for chic by including real art, a great lamp and good looking fabrics. Remember: the baby will grow!  Imagine a young adult might eventually sleep in this room. 

Sleek cribs are cool. Be creative with your bed. For later, we like low platform beds. Even Ikea and West Elm have budget-friendly versions of these.

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more is more at art basel miami

Posted on 12/6/2013 by Administrator Account in Art Basel miami Damien Hirst white cube wolfgang tillmans encyclopedia art malachite art vanessa beecroft

MY MOTTO IN MIRROR!!! Art Basel Miami is one of my favorite times of year- I get a first look at my favorite artists' latest work and always discover new talent. Here, have some eye candy!

More amazing work from LLI crush Vanessa Beecroft 

This piece holds a crowd! It can be yours for a cool $1,850,000.00.

I'm in love with malachite, so this tickles my fancy.

A new twist on encyclopedias.

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Posted on 11/25/2013 by Administrator Account in bar cart vintage bar cart modern bar cart chrome bar cart gold bar cart brass bar cart

Bar carts are back with a roaring vengeance. We like dimensions 30L x 36H x 20W, but choose your own perfect size!

This would make a great bar in a small space.



Chrome is sleekest- it's the least obtrusive option.

A great vintage cart will make a statement, especially in brass or gold.

A lower style looks great as a side table, like this one from West Elm.

Don't forget to style your new bar cart! We love this LLI bar in a NYC apartment.

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Posted on 11/25/2013 by Administrator Account in vases modern vases painted vases vase collection flower arrangements

LLI is not a proponent of flower vases. Indeed, expensive crystal wedding gifts are simply incompatible with the modern LLI interior. But if you must have VASES, follow these guidelines.

Traditional collections need to be tucked away in favor of more modern vessels.

Try low-profile, single flowers- flower containers. They should be simple so the flowers can show off. 

Collections of vases should relate. Try a single color, or paint your collection of old vases matte white or black.

If you want to use florals, stick to simple cylindrical or rectangular vases. 

Or, choose a lamp instead!

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Hotspot: Found for the Home

Posted on 11/21/2013 by Administrator Account in Found for the home lighting houston vases houston lamps houston books houston design books houston

FOUND FOR THE HOME (3433 West Alabama, Suite B, 713.522.9191) is one of our favorite spots for scoring unique accessories and furnishings.




FOUND's lighting collection is stellar: we LOVE this really oversized lamp made from repurposed ceramic cable insulation. And the Spitzmiller lamps (made by artisans in NYC for discerning clients like designer-to-the-stars Bunny Williams!) are super fine!

Although we are kind of ANTI-VASE at LLI, FOUND finds a way to make them cool with an array of vessels so artful they don't even need flowers, ha!

And their coffee table book selection is the BEST EVER! BTW, Check out tonight's book signing for The Detailed Interior, by Elissa Cullman and Tracey Pruzan, at 5PM.

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Update your Art

Posted on 11/15/2013 by Administrator Account in update art reframe art art frame ideas art mount ideas hanging art modernize art

Just because the artwork you found at a garage sale fifteen years ago looks a little dated doesn't mean you should toss it. Try these tricks for making it fresh again.

1. Reframe it. Even a print can look stunning with a new white mat and sleek frame. Go a little extra wide on the mat for added effect.

2. Lucite it. Get a plexiglass kit online and toss the frame. So. Modern.

3. Paint the frame a crazy fun color. Try neon or a rich peacock blue.

4. Move it. Hang an average-sized piece on a smaller wall to make it look bigger.

5. Hang a classic piece in a deliberately strange way: try on the edge of a wall, or way down low near the floor.

6. Keep groups together, hanging them over each other. 

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Hotspot: Plush Home

Posted on 11/12/2013 by Administrator Account in Plush Home Plush Home Houston Karen Pulaski Bedding Tribute Goods ellie faghihi

We love a good bed. So we decided to check out local designer Karen Pulaski's Tribute Goods, a new line of bedding at Plush Home (2233 Westheimer Rd., 713.522.5230).

Pulaski's line, which earned the title of Best New Bedding Design at 2013 NY NOW Summer Market has a design for each element- Earth, Fire, Air and Water. On display is the most popular version- Air, in Grey. Plush Home owner Ellie Faghihi was on hand to show us the luxe collection, which she collaborated on.

 We loved a substantial set of serving dishes -four glass bowls on a square tray were stunning in orange or gold.

We also spotted some pretty fab bathroom accessories- including this polka-dot glass soap dispenser.

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Finishing Touches: Lampshades

Posted on 11/9/2013 by Administrator Account in lampshades rectangle lampshade modern lampshade print lampshade color lampshade drum lampshade

Lamps and chairs are LLI's favorite accessories. So it behooves us to dedicate a blog to lampshades- a final touch that can make or break a room. Lampshades should make a statement. A white lampshade can simply"dissapear" into the background. And size matters: lampshades should never have a smaller diameter than the base, and it should be long enough to cover the neck.

Black, color or pattern 
Drum or rectangular shades.Simple finials. 
Color or gold leaf on the inside of the shade
Fleur de lys finials
Fringe, beads or other questionable trim
White shade (unless you want the shade to vanish, or contrast with background)       



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Hotspot: Reeves Antiques

Posted on 11/2/2013 by Administrator Account in mid-century furniture vintage lamps vintage chairs milo baughman quiky art unique décor houston

Lucky you! We're revealing our favorite local haunts for scoring unique and fabulous finds.

Reeves Antiques (2415 Taft St , 713.523.5577) has been around forever but it has recently become a veritable mid-century treasure trove. Matthew, the owner's son, has changed Reeves Antiques from its 19th-century format to a more contemporary mid-20th century concept with great aplomb. We love the new faux mongolian fur on a pair of Milo Baughman stools.

Reeves' selection of lighting is rather fab. We spotted a Murano glass oversized lamp, and this brass serpent-like luminary is swoon-worthy.

Check out this Lucite bottle rack…hmmmm…the things we could do with it….

The art, the chairs, the consoles….Thank you, Matthew!

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Fashion Inspiration: Feathers

Posted on 10/21/2013 by Administrator Account in feathers home feathers design feathers on wall feather headdress feather wallpaper feather mural

Here's to a trend that tickles our fancy!

Pink feather mural

Feather wallpaper

Feather wall hanging

Feathers on a wall

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Ceilings need love too.

Posted on 10/15/2013 by Administrator Account in ceilings lacquered ceiling coffered ceiling mirrored ceiling panelling on ceiling refelctive ceiling wallpapered ceiling

Ceilings are often forgotten. They are cast aside, ignored and callously used for shelter and hanging light fixtures, never to get a second glance. Such a waste!

After months of prodding and suggesting,  our favorite Japanese cuisine purveyor, Uptown Sushi, followed our advice and painted the ceiling Caviar. Neither black nor brown or grey, this rich hue actually  makes the ceiling recede and imparts a new level of elegance to the posh Uptown Park hangout.

Deep Caviar by Benjamin Moore

For one client, LLI mimicked the floor's painted pattern with wood trim, creating a coffered ceiling that was then lacquered beige, creating a reflective surface. We added individual light pendants to complement the pattern.

Another LLI favorite: a hot pink lacquered ceiling with black and white wallpaper in a client's daughter's room. So cute. 

Here are some more ideas we love.

Cofferred an wallpapered ceiling 

Fabric ceiling

Fabric ceiling by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Cork ceiling

Wood ceiling

Metal ceiling

Wallpapered ceiling to match floor

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Fashion Inspiration: Studs

Posted on 10/11/2013 by Administrator Account in studded console studded chest studded lamp studded walls studded vase studded home studded mirror studded wallpaper

Punk is everywhere these days. Bring home the trend with these fashion-inspired designs.

Gold studded console by Emporium Home

Studded wallpaper by Phillip Jeffries 

Mirror studded console chest 

Studded chair and ottoman, Lee Broom

Studded bronze vase, Kelly Wearstler

Mercury glass stud table lamp, Emporium Home

Studded mirror, Howard Elliott

Custom studded walls. 

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Scent of a (designing) woman

Posted on 10/4/2013 by Administrator Account in Best perfumes favorite scents scented candles Designer perfume designer scented candles interior design scents interior design candles LLI candles

Bergamot 22 by Le Labo has become my signature scent of late. With a delicate floral character of petit grain, the bitterness of grapefruit, the flamboyant sweetness of amber and musk with a viril touch of vetiver, Bergamot 22 is a unique scent that masterfully combines masculine and feminine. It's so light and natural, sometimes I reapply three times a day!

Scents with natural undertones like musk or fig layer especially well. 

Perles by Lalique is my baseline. I ALWAYS wear it. Even to sleep!

 Eclat d'Arpege by Lanvin is a recent discovery that prompted my husband to ask "what took so long to find this?"


Silver Mountain Water by Creed may be for men, but I've worn it for the last decade. It is literally soulful and makes my mouth water.

Premier Figuier by L'Artisan Parfumeur is lovely and always right.

My favorite Hermes scent is perfect for feeling extra pretty. Look for your favorite amongst this French brand's extensive collection.


Thymes' Frazier Fir smells like fresh fir trees at Christmas, except I use it year round. It just makes me happy.

Lafco's (Champagne) Penthouse candle is a new favorite,  in line with LLI's doctrine that every room needs something white. 

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Gold Metal: The Shimmer Diaries

Posted on 9/24/2013 by Administrator Account in gold and silver mix metallic living room metallic interiors mixed metals

Metallics are modern and glamorous. While old-school thought was to keep it all in the same tone, we like to mix it it up.

To bring silver and gold together in the same room, try using a piece that incorporates both (mirror counts as silver, btw).

Grey can function as a more neutral "silver", acting as a bridge between gold and silver. Try painted grey walls.

Remember that metallic tones can be on upholstery, too.

Gunmetal, bronze and pewter are toned down metallics that can easily blend with more high-wattage metals.

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A reflection on mirror

Posted on 9/16/2013 by Administrator Account in mirror tables mirror beds mirror walls floor mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, and on the console and on the nightstand...mirror is one of our favorite materials at LLI.

We like to mirror entire walls in antique or smokey mirror- it’s a great way to fill wall space and create a sense of expansiveness, or brighten a dark space. Plan the seams judiciously, however- try lining them up them up with drawers on a piece of furniture placed in front, for example. A mirror grid can add interest.

Or, just lean an oversized mirror on a wall to create a vignette. 

Large walls beg for some eye-candy, and a grouping of similar shaped mirrors does the trick.

We love mirror on furniture, too. The drawers on a nightstand, dining tables or on the top of a surface is off limits! Wen there are already many materials in a space, mirror is often the best choice.

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Why you WANT! NEED! MUST HAVE! an Interior Designer

Posted on 9/5/2013 by Administrator Account in why you need an interior designer advantages of professional designer help with interior design design your own home decorate your own home help with decorating LLI Interior design Lucinda Loya designer

Designing a home is a monumental task. It’s a delicate balance between old and new, trend and timelessness. A sense of style will take you part of the way, but an experienced Interior Designer will make it a home run.

At LLI, we dedicate a lot of time to finding out WHO our client is.  Because in the end, a beautiful home has to be super functional to be truly enjoyed.  We’ll find the best stain-repellant-yet-so-elegant fabric for your sofa and make your bathroom a sexy haven fitted with a perfect nook for all your things.

We’ll foresee how that dark rug you really like might make your living room look a little small and make sure your nightstands have the right SCALE, helping you avoid costly mistakes. We get many calls from people who start decorating on their own and get stuck. Call us before you dole out your hard earned cash on high ticket items!

We’ll make sure your dining room jives with the rest of the home.  Creating FLOW is an impalpable yet KEY skill we have well honed at LLI.

Another bonus:  You’ll avoid having to deal with orders, delays, shipments and freight companies. We’ll make sure your decorating experience fun and seamless, instead of time-consuming and stressful.

Even if you are naturally very talented, it takes a sophisticated and educated eye to get a good result.  We put serious thought into every detail at LLI, and help bring your ideas to life.

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Current obsession: NEON (and a few other color combos we love)

Posted on 8/31/2013 by Administrator Account in Neon interior malachite interior baby blue interior oxblood interior modern color palette

NEON makes us smile. But much has changed since the 80’s interpretation of the trend. The shock factor is way down, with neon being layered over a much cleaner palette.

NEON accents lose any hint of garishness when used on a calm, neutral background. Beiges and white make for the perfect canvas. 

We are also currently coveting MALACHITE as our color du jour. It pairs particularly well with cream and black.

OXBLOOD and BABY BLUE round out our current obsessions. This surprisingly pleasing combination is unusual- so much so it's hard to find some good examples. But stay tuned for our own timeless interpretation!

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Super(re)model kitchen: our top ten tips

Posted on 8/23/2013 by Administrator Account in kitchen modern kitchen kitchen remodel moder countertops open shelving stylish kitchen

Kitchens are key when it comes to home value. Remodeling your kitchen a great opportunity to make a statement. Thinking a little out of the box is a great place to start.

1. Matchy-matchy is outdated when picking shoes and handbags, but also when selecting countertops: try using different shades for the surround and the island. Goodbye, granite. Hello marble or man-made composite countertops.

2. Take inventory of what you have and plan cabinet space accordingly. Consider using open shelving at the kitchen’s focal point: wood or stainless, depending on the context.  And try using large drawers instead of cupboards under the counter: they are more efficient.

3. Hide electrical outlets under cabinets and in drawers. They are NOT decorative.

4. Stick to simple, polished fixtures. Crystal is for the dining room.

5. Speaking of crystal, forget about displaying wedding gifts you’ve never used. Instead, only display pretty, everyday crockery and glasses that complement the décor. It’s all about being authentic.

6. For the floor, try unusual tile shapes and placement.  12x12 is kinda cliche.

7. Pendant lighting is a chance for your style to shine. But avoid anything in a primary color. Neutral, smart yet artful is best.

8. Add a dash of art. And it really doesn’t have to relate to eating. We already know what’s going to happen in the kitchen.

9. Be clean and tidy. And recycle that name-brand dish soap bottle ASAP! Opt for a refillable pump instead. Kitchen towels can only be seen if they are clean, and useful. They should not serve as decoration.

10. Hide/ store your appliances (unless they are commercial grade). And please, not with a fancy toaster cover!

Here is some inspiration.

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Loo La La! Our Top 10 Bathroom Design Tips

Posted on 8/12/2013 by Administrator Account in modern bathroom white bathroom open concept bathroom zero radius sink polished chrome bathroom

Bathrooms need love, too. A British study concluded the average person spends a year and a half in in their bathroom over a lifetime. Here are a few design tips that will ensure your cleansing space is as stylish as you are.

      1. Open concepts aren’t just for kitchens and living rooms. We love to design contiguous spaces that are open and distinct without the traditional four walls. But, putting a water pan under the entire space is mandatory.

2. Keep things light and neutral. We love white. Dark counters can look a little outdated. Bring in color with linens and accessories instead.

3. NO GRANITE! No offense to the stone, but we prefer marbles to create movement and texture. We are also big fans of man-made countertops: uber-current and soooo easy to maintain.

4. Sconces on a mirror offer the most flattering glow.

5. Fixtures look great in polished chrome or gold. We choose robe hooks over towel bars.

6. Rounded bar drawer pulls are the standard at LLI.

7. We like undermount sinks. Cleaner. Sleeker.  We opt for zero-radius styles: square and flat-bottomed. Unless they are oval.

8. Sconces on a mirror offer the most flattering glow.

9. Consider concealing electrical outlets in drawers or cabinets, that way appliances can stay hidden. GENIUS

10. NO FURRY TOILET SEAT COVERS ALLOWED!  Yes, wraparound toilet mats must go, too.  


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Safari inspiration

Posted on 7/21/2013 by Administrator Account in safari inspired animal print safari outfit safari decor zebra print chair hermes wallpaper adler lamp tusk console omar perez stiletto

A recent trip to Africa has given us plenty of inspiration! The animal kingdom is so majestic, we decided to pay homage with some safari-inspired style.

1. Jacket $240, Hunter
2. Hat $31.99, 
3. Matchstick Necklace $32, African Lookbook, similar styles at Stella McCartney
4. Western Shirt $195, Ralph Lauren 
5. Muscle Tee $19.99, Urban Outfitters
6. Earrings $45, Fallon
7. Cuffs $1,675, similar styles at
8. Pants $65, Columbia
9. Boots $248, Frye
10.Bag $248, B-Low the Belt

1. Wallpaper, Hermes
2. Chair $1,529, High Fashion Home
3. Lamp, $249, Jonathan Adler
4. Doorknocker $87.02, Bosetti Marella
5. Tusk Console, similar styles at
6. Safari Wallpaper, 47.98/bolt, National Geographic
7. Ebony wood shoe sculpture, price upon request, Omar Perez

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Accessorizing for Geniuses

Posted on 7/15/2013 by Administrator Account in accessories bowls accessorizing art books candle display interiors art booksl decor books decor artful bowl

Accessorizing interiors is an art. Editing is key. At LLI Interiors, we love displaying interesting collections- preferably grouped together- and always avoid functionless knick-knacks.

That's not to say we don't appreciate an artful bowl or a grouping of small vessels.  Just don't fill them with useless balls, please!

Here's an example from our NYC residence: we've grouped four trays to show off an ongoing apple collection. Gold, silver, black and white apples add a whimsical touch to this cosy living space.

Books are great, both for reading and displaying. Choose inspirational, good looking volumes for your display. A single candle on top always looks perfect.

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Long Legs and Short Skirts

Posted on 6/17/2013 by Administrator Account in leggy room chair legs skirted desk block legs matching legs

Oh- the leggy rooms we’ve seen! It’s one of the first things we notice when we walk into a space that needs TLC.

A French bench next to a staircase can be spindle overload. To add balance, try a drum table. The effect is infinitely more joli.

Skirting is a great design trick- we love the clean, sophisticated look of a skirted desk (plus it’s the perfect hiding spot for your filing cabinets). Be creative!

We use small block legs to reduce airspace in a leggy room. These are on the bigger side of small.

When it comes to choosing the right color for your upholstered chairs’ legs, either match the fabric with paint or lacquer, or match another piece in the room, which helps ground the room.

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Sitting pretty

Posted on 6/11/2013 by Administrator Account in seating arrangements modern living room sofa against wall oversized seating corner banquette

Most people revolve their seating arrangements around the television. But alternative seating is a must for those of us who want to be in the room with the family, without necessarily watching the tube. Plus, rooms look so much cozier and welcoming when there are plenty of places to sit.

Most of us think floating furniture in a room is the way to go, but we like to explore other options- pushing sofas against walls and even exaggerating the effect by using extra-long pieces. 

This creates a larger negative space, useable for other seating arrangements.  Consider a wall banquette in a corner, or a café table somewhere near a dining room. These conversation nooks are ideal for entertaining.

Arranging your seating in a non-traditional way is a great way to encourage your group to mingle- check out our NYC living room, where we place one armchair to face the side of the other.

Our bistro table in the pool has been quite a hit. 

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Behind the Scenes: HGTV's Selling New York

Posted on 6/3/2013 by Administrator Account in hgtv selling new york tribeca loft tv show

I got the call from HGTV while working on some other projects in New York City. We had two days to get an empty 1,800 square foot Tribeca loft ready for showing. And no budget! It was a crazy challenge, but thanks to my friends at a few key NYC showrooms, we were able to secure what we needed.

The project came with its share of, ahem, issues. The pre-war apartment had been butchered by the time we got our hands on it: strange blue contemporary lighting had been added by one previous owner, while a gothic twist was attempted by another, in the form of stained glass windows. We decided to ignore those features in our concept, opting instead to go with the building’s original vibe. We kept the industrial edge by highlighting the exposed brick wall and chose a color palette that meshed with the existing architecture: cognac, black and white.

I was so happy when my friends Kimberly Delape and Alton LaDay showed up. They hopped on a flight last-minute to come and help out with the project.  Alton, who handles public relations for the Houston Design Center, called in some well-needed favors. Kimberly was tireless, making many-a-dashes for Bed Bath and Beyond, where we got these inflatable mattresses we needed to create the look of real beds. 

BUT- one of those mattresses was too big for the headboard we had, so we scrambled to hide the headboard just as the camera crew headed upstairs to tape the grand reveal. What a rush! Talk about design drama!

Between the show and my other projects, I got no sleep over those two crazy days! But somehow it all worked out and the result was a super fab $2.25 million property listing! See for yourself. The episode airs this Friday, June 7th at 11:30 AM  (10:30 AM Central Time) on HGTV.

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Posted on 6/1/2013 by Administrator Account

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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rug talk

Posted on 5/31/2013 by Administrator Account in rugs modern rigs hand-knotted rugs tibetan rugs the rug company shag rug carol piper rugs ryan reitmeyer

When we choose a rug for our interiors, we like to choose something that blends with or complements the color of the floor, keeping with the tone-on-tone look LLI excels at. We like modern geometrics, but also have a penchant for tattered antique rugs.

We occasionally use a contrasting rug- for instance, a light rug to lighten up a room or a dark rug to make it cozier- BUT the size and proportion have to be juuust right.

It’s easier to “cheat” the size of a rug if it blends with the floor. If a rug that does not fill a room is placed under a bed (which we love), make sure the edges don’t end up it the main walking area.  Consider offsetting an ill-sized rug to trick the eye, as we did this in the Nantucket Showcase Home.

When it comes to the different types of rugs, Ryan Reitmeyer, Manager at Carol Piper Rugs, says quality is key. “To the untrained eye, rugs may look the same. But the difference is in the knot. Our rugs are made with authentic Tibetan rug knots. Some Tibetan fabricators are skipping steps and making a different kind of knot, which is faster and less expensive but stiff and brittle. The result is a rug that doesn’t hold up,” he tells us.

The length of the wool fibers is also a factor. “Shedding is caused by inferior quality.  Shorter fibers are to blame. This happens when you shear the sheep too frequently,” he explains. “They do this to get more wool, faster,” he says.

A zebra skin looks great under a desk, but try somewhere more unexpected, like a little girl’s room. We also love the look of  several layered white hides.

The shag trend that is upon us CAN work, provided it be used in a room with low traffic and no food. Also, we prefer alpalca and natural fibers. There is something so shagalicious about skinny furniture legs sinking into a deep, plush rug!

“I love what The Rug Company has done for the industry. They’ve made rugs covetable,” says Reitmeyer about TRC’s collabs with designers like Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith. Carol Piper Rugs also carries designer products, including the collection by NYC-based Carini Lang.

If a dining area gets used a lot, don’t put a rug! It’s just asking for trouble. Really.

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Cocktail Parties 101

Posted on 5/28/2013 by Administrator Account in cocktail parties white party party food party games girl's party co-ed party

Creating a mood should be top priority when planning a cocktail party. Festive and colorful always sets the tone for an evening of fun. I want my home to exude creativity and inspire- always but especially when it’s party time.

Girl’s soiree?

Encourage your guests to wear their most girly outfits- men don’t always appreciate our sense of style, but amongst the girls- well- it’s open season! Then, why not set up stations- or vignettes- for girly pastimes. I’ve had makeups artists, jewelry designers and vintage luxury goods vendors (like The Vintage Contessa) set up shop at my parties, to great fanfare.

Games always help break the ice. One of my favorites is pinning an image of an iconic woman on the back of each guest as she arrives. Throughout the evening, each must guess who they are. At the end, I throw all the names in a bowl and have a drawing for a fabulous prize (Hermes Twilly, anyone?)

Co-ed bash?

Boas and sunglasses always help guests initiate conversation with likewise- accessorized  other guests. Or, suggest a color or inspiration for the dress code. I love white parties, but pick your hue. Or why not try a Gatsby party? People love rules and boundaries. 

Feeding the heard

Passing hors d’oeuvres is great if you have help. But setting up light bites in pretty bowls in the kitchen or living area is always a hit.  I like to mix it up- changing the menu from party to party. It keeps things interesting.

Ha. Bet they didn’t teach you THAT in college!

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Decoding decals

Posted on 5/22/2013 by Administrator Account in decals laundry room bathroom decor chandelier decal clock decal

Decals are a great way to add whimsy to a decor- BUT BEWARE! There is a fine line that separates the good from the bad and the ugly!

Decals work best in a couple  spots: bathrooms and laundry rooms.
We 've upped the luxe factor in young women's bathrooms with black chandelier decals, to great effect.

Another favorite trick is using a grandfather clock decal and placing a real clock on the appropriate spot. This looks especially cool on a wall opposite the entry to the room: it's a can't-miss pop! 

Avoid spelling things out. Decals should be unexpected, not oversized name tags!

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Current obsession: Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer Jewelry

Posted on 5/16/2013 by Administrator Account in Orly Genger for Jaclyn Mayer Jaclyn Meyer Orly Genger rope jewelry trunk show

We just hosted a trunk show for the of-the-moment jewelry collection Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer- lucky for us Jaclyn brought a treasure-trove full of her rope jewelry.

We love the artful juxtaposition of industrial rope with glossy resin. The collaboration began six years ago when Orly- a colorful installation artist- asked Jaclyn to design a unique necklace for an upcoming show. The rest, well, is fashion history.

Metal details and fringe make it impossible to pick just one piece.

The knot pieces are a staple, though. If you can get your hands on one! Luckily, they can be found on, and at Tootsies and Settlement Goods in Houston.

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Pillow Talk

Posted on 4/27/2013 by Administrator Account in custom pillows modern pillows fun pillows pillows

Pillows function like art in our LLI world: never matchy-matchy, we like character when it comes to these softies. Even if they look totally wrong for a space, they are probably right.

We often custom-make pillows for our projects, as in the pillows seen at the Nantucket Showcase Home a few weeks ago- digital, over-scaled prints. But, we are enthusiastic about falling for pre-made pillows that catch our eye.

Comfort is essential. We always look for down inserts and shun lumpy foam.

Tassels and buttons are better left out- they often end up the way of the lost sock the dog ate.

And we have a penchant for antique pillows- no matter how tattered. Especially if they are made from a tapestry. 

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Sophisticated is the word at Vallone's new eatery

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We are so excited about working on the interior of Vallone’s- the new steakhouse by Tony Vallone (set to open at I-10 and Gessner as part of a new commercial development). We are presenting final plans to the developer and loving every step in this fun process!

Warm and sophisticated is the mood. A trendy-cool bar sets the tone with bronze eel-skin wallpaper and SEXY backlit quartz. Leather-upholstered walls, copper tones and our increasingly in-demand Edison-bulb chandelier (want one? Get it here!) round out the elegant-yet-edgy décor.

Commercial clients
are especially committed to staying on budget. Which works out perfectly. We totally enjoy the challenge of creating high-impact spaces while being cost-conscious. And luckily, there’s a whole new world out there for commercial design that includes chic custom carpets and furnishings. For instance, we are using fabulous two-tone copper and pewter rubber-tile flooring in lieu of ceramic for the boy’s restrooms: less expensive AND much cooler!

Look for super-pretty girls bathrooms too: we are using pearlized tone-on-tone tile with pearlized wallpaper featuring large scale copper-colored ribbons that look as though they are floating around the walls. LOVE!
But nothing is set in stone yet!


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Casting a glance at casters

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We love casters. They impart a historical feel to modern pieces.

There’s also something non-committal about casters, which we love. Like French mobilier, castered pieces are mobile and moveable, on a seasonal or whimsical basis. 

We love casters on an ottoman, like in this LLI design.

 ...or oversized on a coffee table!

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

They are super cute- almost like stilettos!- on an antique French chair.

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

They can be used as color accents, as in vintage skateboard wheels on a bench at the foot of a bed in a boy’s room, or orange casters on a green desk chair) 

Casters are always right on a bar cart, but make sure they lock! 

We love clear casters. One day we might even put some on a table lamp!

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It's the weekend! Sleep in....LLI style!

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AT LLI, we love white bedding for a clean, crisp look. We love an accent color in the form of embroidered stripes- think Hotel Collection. Add more at the foot of the bed.

We love anything monogrammed- especially oversized, exposed on a cashmere blanket.

Printed sheets are fun, of you’re under 16!

Throw pillows? Throw them away. They are named that way for a reason! Instead, stick to a single, luxurious down-filled pillow. Or, nothing at all.

Skirts are for girls, not beds. We avoid dust ruffles as much as possible, opting for platform beds instead. We look for creative solutions for camouflaging  unsightly box springs:  try upholstering it and using a bedcover that that falls just to the rail.

Or, try painting a basic metal bed frame neon pink to complement  the headboard for a current industrial look in a girl’s room. Then throw on a set of cool clear casters.

Have pets? Ditch the (eww!) dark bedding and opt for white instead. Wash often and bleach as needed.

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

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Inside out: Outdoor Spaces Debunked

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Outdoor spaces should complement the indoors. Allow the space to flow- keep the aesthetic. There is no reason your outdoor sofa should be a kitshy floral. Would you put that INSIDE your house?

Newer homes often have living rooms with large windows overlooking the backyard: all the more reason to treat the space like it’s part of the house. Think of it as extra square footage!

Consider the climate. In Texas, we use outdoor spaces year round. My own outdoor living room has drapes, air conditioning and heaters, making it comfortable any time of the year!

We like to bring wood decorative pieces outside, as long as they are in a covered area. Just remember to check and treat for termites as needed.

And outdoor rugs? What’s the point?

Here are a few outdoor spaces we love!

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Windows: The Best Dressed List

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Drapes totally set the mood in a room, whether you go dark or light and airy.They soften the architecture and of course, offer privacy. In bedrooms, we ALWAYS use blackout lining.

Non-operable drapes- never fake it! Volume is important.  If you can’t afford to do a whole window in your favorite expensive fabric, try using it only as an accent. 

Pooling on a carpet is a no-no. Keep it tailored. Allow the drapes skim the floor. Billowing the fabric can sometimes work in a bedroom, for example when DRAMA is the goal.

There is a huge difference between pre-fab and custom-made drapes. First, blackout lining is usually missing in pre-made drapes. Second, they are often devoid of personality. Third, need we say more? We like using fabrics that have good weight- anything from canvas or burlap to the priciest textile can work. We avoid dupioni silk, though, which feels a little dated. 

Drapes work best on large windows, while shades are ideal on small or ill-placed windows. The two can co-exist in a room in complementing shades. The color palette should coordinate with other fabrics in the room- bedding or upholstery. For an easy room update, try color blocking on drapes. We also like to cover an entire wall if the window is small or oddly placed. 

FINIALS? Not in our interiors! We use concealed ceiling tracks whenever possible. Otherwise, it’s an elbow rod. 

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Tete-a-Tete Part 2: All About Dining Chairs

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When choosing dining chairs consider your main element: THE TABLE. There are several approaches.

Work from the ground up. If the table feels heavy, allow the chairs to float under the table.

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

In this case the table base and the chairs are within the same space. And, the top of the chairs are lower so the table appears to float above them.

Any time you can have a lot of air under the stable it looks less heavy.

If the table is simple, try an edgy eclectic mix of chairs or bring in a chair with a lot of character to  spice up a room.


We look for drama in a dining room. If simple is more your style, go with a wow color in a luxurious fabric on the chairs to highlight minimalist shapes.  

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Tete-a-Tete Part 1: All About Dining Tables

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Dining tables take up a lot of space in a home. THAT’ S why they should reflect one’s style. LLI likes to find unique versions that are sometimes far removed from the traditional wood rectangle.

Which can be a challenge, so thinking creatively means glass, mirror, marble and other interesting materials often make their way into our dining rooms. We often choose light reflecting surfaces. Visual interest can come by way of mixing elements such as exotic wood with mirror or an artisan base with a glass top.  Large ROUND tables also have a special place is our design hearts- they provoke the most intimate dinner conversations.

Here are some tables we love.

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What should your furniture wear? LLI's guide to the perfect upholstery.

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Picking a new fabric to “dress” your furniture can be daunting, but I have some rules that help me make the right choice, no matter the challenge.

1. Keep “utilitarian” furniture neutral. Sofas, casual chairs and headboards should blend into the canvas. UNLESS you are explicitly trying to make a statement with those pieces. Add personality with ART and accessories instead.

2. Neutral does NOT mean flat. Furs or a crazy, tone-on-tone pattern adds texture without the color.



3. Antiques or unusually shaped pieces of furniture deserve more attention. Pick a fabric with personality. In this case, the furniture acts as accessory in the space.   


4. If personality is what you are going for, you can break the neutral rule by adding contrast piping to a dining chair, for example. A royal blue chair with white piping draws attention while remaining clean and tailored.


5. Know your stain resistant fabrics! Sunbrella and Perrenials are two brands who make indoor/outdoor fabrics that repel stains. Microsuede is also very resistant: Even permanent marker isn’t a challenge! Synthetics, in general, are easier maintenance. Woven wool is pretty good, too.

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Wallpaper Love

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I’m all about wallpaper right now! Although, I don’t think it was ever really out. It's just that there are so many beautiful choices available- and wallpaper adds texture and color like nothing else.

I love wallpaper on all four walls to really warm up a space, like this over-the-toop Hermes room. But, when budget is an issue, an accent wall behind a bed or in the back of a dining room can do wonders!

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest


Going for modern? I love applying wallpaper to only the upper half of a wall, then coordinating the two-tone effect on the drapes. You can also achieve this look with paint. A 1” color separate when you continue the concept in the drapes with fabric.

Small spaces- like powder rooms- are the easiest to make fabulous! By going dark and dramatic, you can really make a point. Go bold or go home.

Source: via Pearl on Pinteres                                                                           



These wall tiles are easy and affordable!

We are so lucky to be working with local artisan Rusty Arena on the Nantucket Showcase home. He produces top-notch hand-made wallpaper fit for a palace.

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Coffee Tables Redux

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I’m not a fan of the traditional rectangle in the middle of a living room. Instead, I prefer an oversized piece, or layered, overlapping tables.

Fresh and airy is what we strive for at LLI. We usually avoid dark, heavy materials in favor of glass, metal or white lacquer. Or, anything in between.

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Shopping for accessories at AREA store

Posted on 2/27/2013 by Administrator Account in accessories AREA shopping houston area houston boxes bowls side tables

Just checked out AREA’s new digs (on Westheimer near Rice Epicurean. Sign isn't up yet!) I picked up a couple of divine scented candles and a couple shiny-chic brass bowls for a client.

Also have my eye on a pair of fabulous textured drum tables.

This place is awesome for unique accessories and accent furniture- internet shopping only takes you so far! And accessories are sooo important in my interiors!

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The Scoop: A few secrets revealed on our upcoming showcase home

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We are finalizing paint and wall finishes on The Prestige Builders Nantucket Showcase, due to be ready for action April 12. I am having a blast making sure every aspect of this project is unique- down to the plaster wall finishing that looks like it contains diamond dust. I always love a little sparkle! Thankfully, designer Terri Pugh is sooo knowledgeable about these building materials. It’s all in the details!

We've selected a surprise juicy hue for the laundry room, coat closet and a few other nooks. I love the pop of color! The design for the entry floor is also in it’s final stages: the entrance to the home floats over the pool and we love it so much we are are taking the stone inside. Bringing the outside in is key in this project! 

Next up is furniture and accessories. I had a designer’s epiphany: one antique in each of the rooms of this ultra-modern showcase! H-Town’s best (and most generous!) dealer Kay O’Toole is helping us pull it all together. For the more contemporary furnishings  designed by LLI, local genius-artisan Rusty Arena is producing 40 yards of fabulous fabric. His products are hand-made and unique. Old world techiniques for a super-modern world.

The elegant-with-a touch-of-whimsy interior  (it’s what we strive for at LLI) should all come together very soon.   Fancy with a wink. So. Much. Fun.

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Plates on the wall

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Displaying a plate collection on a wall is one of our favorite tricks. Hanging them in a pattern presents endless possibilities. Kelly Wearstler's geometric pattern at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica takes classic black and white toile crockery and makes it unmistakably modern. Here are some of the walls that inspire us when planning a plate cluster.

These simple white platters juxtaposed with an industrial wall and traditional furnishings strike an interesting balance of opulence and simplicity.

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest                                                                                     

This shabby chic headboard is created by an artful arrangement of feminine porcelain plates. Quirky and original. 

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest                                                                          

Color is infused in this grey/ neutral room with a playful arrangement of modern plates. 

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest                                                                           

White and gold works with any background! This glam take is ultra-feminine with dainty patterns on a pink wall.

Source: via Lucinda on Pinterest

For more ideas, check out our Collections board on Pinterest.

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White Matters

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My favorite look is a white room. White is such a basic, pure color that lets everything else shine. I like to layer different shades of white to create depth. While my over-the-top white aesthetic may not be for all, every room should have a little white matter.

My favorite look is a white room. White is such a basic, pure color that lets everything else shine.  I like to layer different shades of white to create depth. While my over-the-top white aesthetic may not be for all, every room should have a little white matter.

WHITE WALLS are ideal when the furniture is very elaborate. Heavy carvings are at their best against a white background.  White walls are also best for displaying a colorful art collection or to “ground” a group of colours/ print fabrics. 

WHITE FURNISHINGS LLI uses a lot of lacquered pieces in its designs. White lacquer is fresh, glossy and creates a modern feel.  We also love a white lacquer kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  And nothing freshens up a room like white linen drapes. 

WHITE FLOORS For a unified white theme, nothing works better than white limestone floors.  Plus, they are more resilient to my guest’s stilettos!

WHITE ACCESSORIES Every room should have pops of white.  It attracts the eye and creates visual space. I look for different textures like pottery, faux fur or even resin.  


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My Tips for Event Decorating

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I am so excited about Slither to the Sound: A Prehistoric Party at The Houston Museum of Natural Science (March 2, 2013). Javier and I are co-chairing the gala and I am really digging the design theme! So exotic!

I approach event decorating just like I do my interiors: I want to achieve an over-the-top look without an over-the-top cost. This is especially important when dealing with charitable events, because I want to make sure that a maximum amount of money goes to the cause.

Centerpieces are a perfect opportunity for making conservative choices: I like re-useable materials instead of flowers, which are so ephemeral.   

Fresh florals cannot always be avoided, though. For Slither to the Sound, Let it Fly Events’ Ellen Ramsey will incorporate orchids, Push Button blossoms and live moss into some of the centerpieces to create an organic feel. Crisp, white textured linens with black chairs and red napkins will complete the modern color palette, just the way I like it!

Hanging from the ceiling will be 60” wide x 12’ long panels of teal fabric alternating with ribbon banners.   The ribbon banners will be three shades of teal & blue, with the center ribbon a little bit wider and longer with a red tip -a reference to slithering snakes and a great way to add movement to the space.  Here is where we got our inspiration:

Let it Fly Events is also planning on projecting snakeskin images on the walls, one of my favorite tricks! At the 2012 Annual  Society for the Performing Arts Luncheon  (October 12, 2012) with guest speaker Katherine Stockett, we projected  the film based on her book, The Help. We also projected an oversized chandelier on the wall. Projection is always an effective , low cost  and low-waste option.

At the SPA luncheon, we were inspired by the setting: the Wortham Theatre stage. In true theatrical-set style, we had flowers painted on wood as centerpieces -like backdrops!  Finally, we hung chandeliers from the rafters , the final touch on our beautiful luncheon “set”.

Stay tuned for pictures from the event. Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration.


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I often get asked to design children’s bedrooms. The secret to my success with this is my complete rejection of the “theme” bedroom: boys who like racecars should not have racecar decals on their walls. Racing stripes are more my speed!

A “theme” should be a starting point, an inspiration. It should never be interpreted literally. Think implied vs overt.

A Tiffany-inspired room is a perfect example. The iconic blue box is a favorite for teen girls. Instead of Tiffany-blue walls and a Tiffany monogram pillow, try getting inspired by the brand's stores. Here are a few ideas:

- Silver and white wallpaper 

- Iron bed 

- White bedding with blue monogram or banding

- Black or white lamp

- Glass shelves

- A small accessory that makes a statement, such as a small faux Tiffany’s bag to hold makeup brushes, a diamond paperweight or this cute zip drive!


Here are a few examples of what NOT to do!
These rooms took themes WAYYY too literally!

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Haute art

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Art is key when it comes to our interiors. Often, the art sets the tone for an entire room- if not an entire house. And because we take a fresh, modern approach to decorating, we like to use unique and fabulous art by up-and-coming artists.

PERSONALITY Art infuses a space with character.  Displaying art is a great way of expressing your individuality.  It makes your space unique, just as you are unique.

HUE A piece of art can provide a pop of color in an otherwise neutral color palette.  It can also be used as a starting point when defining a room’s color scheme. We like to hang art on white walls (try Benjamin Moore’s Gypsum).  It’s modern and lets the art speak for itself.

ASSET We think art is a great investment. Like gold, its value usually increases with time.  

SCALE We love large scale! We're talking 6ft. and up!

ARTISTS WE LOVE Lately, we’ve been crushing on the work of Houston artist Debbie Porter.  Her edgy photographs reference life, death and beauty and can be mounted on lucite, creating stunning showcases. 


 We also love Alex Geoffeng Cao’s pixelated images.

The water droplet effects in Marilyn Minter’s photography lusciously transform already glossy fashion and beauty shots.

Vanessa Beecroft's photographs are so cheeky!

Mie Olise’s large-scale architectural paintings are more “serious” in form.  LOOVE her!

Cuban-native Ruben Toledo’s unique take on fashion illustrating is simply enchanting

and we are smitten by the white sculptures and installations by the duo Elmgreen & Dragset.


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LLI: A Retrospective

Posted on 10/31/2012 by Administrator Account

It’s been an ah-mazing couple of years and we thought it was time to take a look back as we move forward. Honing in on a few of our brightest moments, we are spotlighting key game-changers that have taken Lucinda Loya Interiors to a whole new level.

Things unfolded glamorously at the Fashion Houston Vogue/Versace event benefitting Child Advocates where we displayed Versace handbags in my kitchen and dapper menswear beneath my glass staircase to great effect.

We showed off our flawless style at our booth at Fashion Houston, where we featured up-and-coming artist Debbie Porter’s lucite art and our favorite extra-long tuxedo sofa upholstered in faux wolf print. Our Brazilian mannequin lamps covered in back silk flowers were the belles of the ball!

We got to host Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators co-host Martyn Lawrence Bullard, when he was in town for a book signing of his latest coffee table tome Live, Love & Decorate

BCBGMaxAzria came over for a luncheon, which we shared with 50 people at an extra-long table, decked in white and a fashion show by the pool, which thankfully, went off without a splash. Here’s to new friendships!

In classic reality TV style, we designed a $2.25 million, 1,800 square-foot Tribeca loft for HGTV’s Selling New York- with no budget and cameras rolling. Such a rush! 

We have recently embarked on a dream collaboration with Prestige Builders Inc.’s Monsour Taghdisi, whose plan to build “the perfect house” will culminate in a 5,000 square-foot showcase home designed by yours truly. We are thinking crisp, contemporary and of course, spectacular. Proceeds from the opening party and showcase ticket sales will benefit Legacy.  The home will then be priced for purchase at $1.5 million. First come, first served.

Rocking our new Design Center showroom since May 2012, our team of designers is masterfully juggling the latest and greatest while making sure our projects go off without a hitch.

(Exhale!) And as we continue to make our client’s lives a little more fabulous, we will also be sharing our ideas, inspirations and a few of our secrets right here.  So stay tuned, y’all! 

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Love this Store!

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Les Pommettes 158 N. Robertson Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048 310.289.9202

Photos Courtesy of Les Pommettes

Love the rich rich cream and french blue lacquer doors in the dressing room of Les Pommettes in L.A.

French sophisticated decor with Parisian-floral wallpaper from floor to ceiling.

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Posted on 10/17/2011 by WebZoneUS Account in Fashion Houston

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to our booth!


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Posted on 5/31/2011 by WebZoneUS Account

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope it inspires you and helps you convert all your design dreams into reality.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope it inspires you and helps you convert all your design dreams into reality.

Welcome to my first blog! I hope it becomes your weekly dose of added inspiration and helps you extend the ideas into your home or new investment property.

For me, there couldn't be a better place to be right now than here, writing and sharing my experience as an interior designer with you. As my blog develops, please feel free to share with me your experiences, and if you have any questions, ask away! I'll do my best to help you out.

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