Haute Baby Rooms

Designing a baby room can be daunting: it should reflect the parent’s aesthetic but be tailored to a baby’s needs. At the same time, it should be timeless. Here are some tips for a not-so-baby-ish, stylish baby room.

Avoid primary colors, pastels and choose muted versions of adult shades. We like to combine unexpected hues such as raspberry and moss green, peacock, salmon and charcoal or rose brown and white. To achieve an haute look, you’ll probably have to avoid the bed-in-a-bag.

Designer Tips:

  • Blackout drapes are key if you want to gain minutes of shuteye after sunrise. Think sophisticated drapery.
  • Themes are usually a bad idea. Use your favorite themes only as inspiration, and imply your ideas¬†throughout colors and finishes. Subtlety.
  • Try monogram to personalize the space.
  • Have fun with paint: try stripes or color blocking.
  • Wallpaper. Of course.
  • A great chandelier and rug take a baby room to the next level.
  • Go for quality. Baby rooms don’t have to be plastic and linen. Go for chic by including real art, a great lamp and good looking fabrics. Remember: the baby will grow! ¬†Imagine a young adult might eventually sleep in this room.
  • Sleek cribs are cool. Be creative with your bed. For later, we like low platform beds. Even Ikea and West Elm have budget-friendly versions of these.