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A Reflection on Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, and on the console and on the nightstand… if you can’t tell, mirror is one of our favorite materials at LLI. To add a classic look with some elegance and flair, mirrors reflect not only light but the beauty of your home.

Mirror placement has to be strategic amongst your surroundings, so place carefully. Let the natural light in by sticking mirrors in a corner perpendicular to the windows, or in a room with taller ceilings. If you have a unique patterned or colored ceiling, show it off! Opt for a mirrored tabletop on a coffee or side table; a perfect touch to keep everyone looking up.

Designer Tips:

  • We like to mirror entire walls in antique or smokey mirror - it’s a great way to fill wall space and create a sense of expansiveness or brighten a dark space. Plan the seams judiciously, however.

  • Try lining the mirror up with drawers on a piece of furniture placed in front. A mirror grid can add interest and glamour to a credenza that needs some “umph”!

  • Lean an oversized mirror on a wall to create a vignette. Placing it perpendicular to your windows is what draws more light in to make the room feel and look bigger than its appearance.

  • Large walls beg for some eye-candy, and a grouping of similar shaped mirrors does the trick. Got a lot of art on the walls already? Switch it up with a set of mirrors to reflect that art, and you’ve got yourself a good-looking space!

  • We love mirror on furniture, too. The drawers on a nightstand, dining tables or on the top of a console…no surface is off limits! When there are already many materials in a space, mirror is often the best choice. It doesn’t take away from the other colors or patterns, but instead elevates what you already have going on.

  • Check yourself on the way out! We love to have a hanging mirror somewhere near the exit. It’s the best thing to have right before you leave the house to make sure you look as fabulous as you feel. Don’t have a space? Sometimes hidden hallways or nooks are the best spots for when you’re in need.

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