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Accessorizing for Geniuses

Accessorizing interiors is an art. Editing is key. At LLI Interiors, we love displaying interesting collections - preferably grouped together - and always avoid functionless knick-knacks. You want the pieces that fill your home to be meaningful and classic, not random and useless. That’s not to say we don’t appreciate an artful bowl or a grouping of small vessels. They’re cute… just don’t overdo it!

Our NYC residence is a great example: we’ve grouped four trays to show off an ongoing apple collection. Gold, silver, black and white apples add a whimsical touch to this cozy living space. Books are great, both for reading and displaying. Choose inspirational, good looking volumes for your display. A single candle on top always looks perfect.

At LLI, we take a lot of inspiration from the art that is placed within the space. It is a primary driver for the rest of the accessories – which are important. Think of accessories in a home like those in fashion; they accentuate the outfit by tying the whole look together. Without them, you’d feel bare!

Never be afraid to accessorize in your home. Use items you love or those that show off the things you love. It gives the home personality... YOUR personality, so show it off! Place items in threes or fours in groupings and your home will feel fuller in no time.

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