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Bar Cart Mania!

At-home happy hours are obviously the happiest of hours, but you need your bar cart to look as good as you to serve up one of your favorite cocktails. Whether you live in a 500 or 5000 square feet home, bar carts create a cohesion of form and function. You’re able to add a few accessories outside of glassware and bottles to make your homes aesthetic shine through.

  • For starters, you're going to need some of the booze basics that come with knowing whether to make a drink shaken or stirred. Essential bar accessories will make it look like you know what you're doing, and provide you with the right tools to make your drink taste like a $15 one from Nobu!

  • Next, you want to pick the bar cart style that best represents and compliments the rest of your furniture. If you have a lot of bulky pieces, opt for a glass-shelved and thinly rimmed cart. OR, if your home is full of acrylic and white, go bold and try to find a unique piece that will stand out amongst the rest.

  • Be strategic about what kind of glassware you put on the cart. Most people throw their liquor on the cart with some hand-me-down glasses and call it a day, but we say NO WAY! You want to use glassware that looks unique and will stand out. Place a combination of tall and short glasses to alternate heights to keep the eye moving.

  • We recommend adding height wherever necessary: stacked books are great to place a bouquet of flowers or candle on top of; OR balance the highs with a low such as a basket of lemons or limes, or some vintage memorabilia. Going personal is also a great way to make it your own: framed art or a photo on the top of your cart is a classic touch that also adds height.

  • Customize the accessories with the seasons. If it’s warmer out, take advantage of fresh fruits and flowers. In colder months, you can accessorize with items such as pinecones, cinnamon sticks, or small figurines such as pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.

  • Less is more! Don’t overcrowd your cart. It’s a cart, not a full bar, so take up space with ease. Always add in small amounts and leave enough negative space where it looks elegant, not cluttered. You don’t want your glasses falling and breaking – they need breathing room!

With all that being said, dress your home up in the best way with these boozy tips! You'll be ready to host for the holidays, have your girlfriends over for afternoon wine, or weekend the right way. Want to know our favorite drink? A Veneno margarita of course! Cheers.

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