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Casting a Glance at Casters

We love casters. They impart a historical feel to modern pieces... in all the right places.

There’s also something non-committal about casters, which we love. Like French mobilier, castered pieces are mobile and moveable, on a seasonal or whimsical basis. No commitment. No problem.

We love casters on an ottoman… or an oversized coffee table, like in this LLI design.

It figuratively, and literally, elevates your furniture to give it a sense of dominance surrounding your other pieces. They can also be used as color accents... shall we say vintage skateboard wheels on a bench at the foot of a bed in a boy’s room, or orange casters on a green desk chair? So fab!

After all, they are super cute - almost like stilettos! - on an antique French chair. Or, how about on a bar cart – just make sure they lock! Casters give that pop of modernity we all know and love. It allows your furniture to be versatile in its’ location without seeming low-quality.

At LLI, we believe clear casters are the way to go. They have excellent wear and tear resistance, and you won’t even know they’re there! It’s a good alternative for both large and small space living and there are so many options out there to choose from – you’ll never get bored of this added accessory.

One day we might even put some on a table lamp! But for now, try them out… we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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