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Ceilings Need Love Too

Ceilings are often forgotten about. They are cast aside, ignored and callously used for shelter and hanging light fixtures, never to get a second glance. Such a waste!

After months of prodding and suggesting, our favorite Japanese cuisine purveyor, Uptown Sushi, followed our advice and painted the ceiling Caviar. Neither black nor brown or grey, this rich hue actually makes the ceiling recede and imparts a new level of elegance to the posh Uptown Park hangout (Deep Caviar by Benjamin Moore).

For one client, LLI mimicked the floor’s painted pattern with wood trim, creating a coffered ceiling that was then lacquered beige, creating a reflective surface. We added individual light pendants to complement the pattern and wall-ah, perfection.

Another LLI favorite: a hot pink lacquered ceiling with black and white wallpaper in a client’s daughter’s room. So cute. Give it a try, you and your daughter will love love love it!

Here are some more ideas we love:

· Coffered and wallpapered ceiling: either to match the floor or contrast it.

· Fabric ceiling

· Cork ceiling

· Wood ceiling

· Metal ceiling

This hidden technique will elevate your space without the stress. Ceilings take up a vital portion of a room, so defining how you want it to look will change the whole vibe of the space. You want your guests to be wow-ed so keep it fun, elegant and something that will express YOU!

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