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Current Obsession: Neon

NEON makes us smile. But much has changed since the 80’s interpretation of the trend. The shock factor is way down, with neon being layered over a much cleaner and sophisticated palette.

NEON accents lose any hint of garishness when used on a calm, neutral background. Beiges and white make for the perfect canvas. Using it in such a way adds another dimension to your space, accenting the very best parts of the room. Whether this be artwork or a unique furniture piece, NEON creates a natural focal point to move the eye around the room.

NEON has also transformed the way people mix up the neutrals in their homes. Let’s just say Madonna knew what she was doing when she wore white on black on neon…it just looks good!

Scared to incorporate NEON into your space in fear of falling behind fast trends? There’s lots of ways to add pops of color into your home without the major commitment. Try throw pillows, switch older books on your bookshelf to newer, more colorful ones, or place brighter prints into your frames. Add a little bit at a time till it reaches your liking, and wa-lah! Neutral with a twist.  

Our current color du jour is MALACHITE. It pairs particularly well with cream and black. On the other hand of the spectrum, OXBLOOD and BABY BLUE round out our current obsessions. This surprisingly pleasing combination is unusual yet intriguing - so much so it’s hard to find some good examples. But stay tuned for our own timeless interpretation!

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