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Finishing Touches: Lampshades

Lamps and chairs are LLI’s favorite accessories. So, it behooves us to dedicate a blog to lampshades - a final touch that can make or break a room. Lampshades should make a statement. A white lampshade can simply “disappear” into the background. Opt for a pattern or bold color.

Size also matters; lampshades should never have a smaller diameter than the base, and it should be long enough to cover the neck. If you pick one too small or large, it could throw off the whole look.

DO - Black, color or pattern. These will illuminate the room in an ambient way, without being too blinding. - Drum or rectangular shades. Simple finials. - Color or gold leaf on the inside of the shade. Plain could look cheap, so go the extra mile with this small detail.

DON’T - Fleur de lys finials. This is the 21st century… we don’t need them in our homes. - Fringe, beads or other questionable trim. A simple shade or pleat will do. - White shade (unless you want the shade to vanish, or contrast with background). White won’t shade your light very well, leaving you with an oddly bright room.

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Think of your lamps as the earrings to your space – you want them to compliment the rest of the look. Trust your eye - you’ll be able to feel it when they look just right.

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