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Front Porches: A How-To Series

Front porches tend to get overlooked when it comes to interiors. We all know someone who throws down a "Hey Ya'll" welcome mat and calls it day.. YAWN! Our motto is timelessness. Choose items that will bring the inside, out and accentuate your home's aesthetic through every season.

First things first, consider replacing aged porches. Pavers, although more expensive, make for a clean, put-together look. If budget is no issue, consider resurfacing with a complimentary shade of large scale limestone tile. However, our alternative route would consist of concrete. It costs a bit less, can easily be resurfaced, and they offer tinting, stamping or etching applications. If you would rather go in the decking direction, I like a darker stain. Cleaner - check. Fresher - check check.

Paint your front door a new color. Some of my go-to's by Sherwin Williams are Caviar/SW6990 which I consider a rich dark charcoal, Inkwell/SW6992 which is a cooler black, and Black of Night/SW6993 which is a warmer black. Going dark on doors will elevate the exterior’s aesthetics which will never go out of style. An added bonus: flaws are hidden and less prominent.

Try tinting all glass inserts to your front door with a reflective glass film. An even better approach is to replace the glass with a tinted, reflective alternative for a more permanent application. There are many options available through local glass companies, however one of our favorite's is Meyerland Glass & Mirror. This simple change can be a major improvement to the front porch area! Lighting is always an important factor to consider. Larger outdoor sconces are my go-to for making a grand statement; just look at this space from our Cherokee project. Hang oversized sconces or fixtures on either side of the front door opposed to overhead lighting.

Swap out your outdoor accessories. Beware of overdoing it and lawn ornaments.. you know what I mean! Keep things simple and elegant. Planted pots are a nice touch on the porch, especially with seasonal flowers. Or, to add a welcoming gesture, consider tasteful statues on either side of the front door.

Seasons change and so can your decor! Reviving your front porch once a quarter will keep the space looking fresh and up-to-date. You'll love the difference this makes.

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