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Gold in 2023: LLI Predictions

2022 has been the year for gold hardware. Whether that's in fashion or interiors, gold has been the accessory of the season. And although 2022 was full of embracing the full metal moment, we believe gold will make a comeback in 2023 in more subtle ways.

Gold/Brass Hardware will continue to remain popular in 2023. As more homeowners lean towards simple cabinetry and backsplashes, statement hardware is a must to make the kitchen or bathroom pop!

Golden hues will be used throughout 2023 to accent eclectic and conversational furniture pieces. 2022 was full of monochromatic spaces, so here at LLI, we believe the warmth will return! Our favorite golden hue moments? Wallpaper, vintage accessories, or lamps!

Gold accented furniture is a subtle, yet posh way to elevate your interiors. It's the right amount of glam to add to your everyday living space. However, if you fancy a more neutral palette, the gold accents will display warmth in a tasteful way, keeping it al-natural!

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