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It's the Weekend! Sleep In... LLI Style

It’s no secret that everyone loves a good, comfortable bed to lie in after that long week at work, or to cure the hangover of all hangovers after girls’ night, or to curl up and watch that new docuseries you’ve been dying to watch. However, everyone has their own list of ‘rights and wrongs’ when it comes to making their bed embody the perfect mix of snug and stylish.

At LLI, we love white bedding for a clean, crisp look. Top that off with a serene accent color in the form of embroidered stripes - think Hotel Collection – and wal-ah! You got yourself the best weekend getaway. When it comes to the rest of the bed, add more to the foot than the head. You’ll never go wrong with anything monogrammed, especially oversized, exposed on a cashmere blanket.

As intimate as the bedroom is, it needs creamy and lush linens, so stay away from printed sheets and ditch the (eww!) dark bedding and opt for white instead. Now I know what you’re thinking… white?! Yes, trust us! Put your big girl pants on and throw on those white sheets because you want your bedroom to look as sophisticated as you are. You can always wash often, and bleach as needed.

Now don’t come for us, we know this is a sensitive subject. Throw pillows? Throw them away. They are named that for a reason! They take up space, cost a lot and make the bed look busy. Instead, stick to a single, luxurious down-filled pillow. Or nothing at all. You know the saying… less is more! Especially when it comes to the bed frame, skirts are for girls, not beds. We avoid dust ruffles as much as possible, opting for platform beds instead for that sleek look.

Are you worried about the bed frame sticking out like a sore thumb? We constantly look for creative solutions for camouflaging box springs. Try upholstering it and using a bedcover that falls just to the rail. Paint a basic metal bed frame neon pink (or whatever color that fits your liking) to complement the headboard for a current industrial look in a girl’s room, then throw on a set of cool clear casters and you got yourself a unique piece to elevate the look of the room.

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