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Kitsch Kitchens: A How-To Series

I like to approach kitsch by going against the grain. Adding art to the kitchen in a clever or unexpected way definitely leans into kitsch. Just because it’s a kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have artwork like an oil painting in there that’s not related to food.

Try making the space feel less like a kitchen by putting away appliances and obvious objects like knife sets and bring in some unexpected elements. Kitsch in kitchens doesn’t have to be just cookie jars and tea towels. It can also be books, window treatments, rugs, sculptures, handmade items and even photos. Walk through the house and grab little trinkets and items that bring you joy. If they look good elsewhere in your home, it’s a good chance it will look nice in the kitchen. Focus on bringing the utilitarian aspect out of the space and the pretty in.

If you’re a coffee drinker, pay attention to your coffee bar and change up the containers. Instead of exposing the brand name of your powdered creamer, put it in a pretty jar. Even salt and pepper shakers can be artful.

I’m not sure that you can go overboard with kitsch. If your philosophy is ‘more is more’ and that’s what makes you happy, go for it. Find joy where you can and if that means surrounding yourself with more of the things you love and make you feel good, by all means, do so.

Sometimes accidental perfection allows brilliance to reveal itself.

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