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Long Legs and Short Skirts

Oh - the leggy rooms we’ve seen! It’s one of the first things we notice when we walk into a space that needs TLC. Don’t you remember when your mother used to tell you to pull your skirt down? The same applies for interiors – no one wants to see the bareness underneath! Another option to break the pattern, is to try a drum table instead of a French bench. You eliminate a legged piece, and the effect is infinitely more elevating.

Skirting is a great design trick - we love the clean, sophisticated look of a skirted desk (plus it’s the perfect hiding spot for your filing cabinets). This concept can be used all over the home. It hides your clutter, and makes the clutter appear organized. Win-win scenario! But in all seriousness, skirting should be an important part of designing a room, not left to the last minute. The length of the skirt should be based off of the height of the furniture and walls in the room. Depending on the exposed angles of the piece, skirting boards should create fluidity in your design, not stick out like a sore thumb.

When it comes to choosing the right color for your upholstered chairs’ legs, either match the fabric with paint or lacquer, or match another piece nearby, which helps ground the room. You’ll never believe how intentional it will make your space appear at first and every glance. Skirting boards range from bright and bold to camouflaged and understated – it can make the room look however you want it to.

If skirting isn’t your thing, we use block legs to reduce airspace in a leggy room. These are on the bigger side of small and make your furniture look WAY sturdier than your average department store pieces. And block legs are never boring! To show off your artistic side, opt for a sphere block rather than a cube and BAM! You got yourself a unique, show-stopping piece.

With all this being said, skirting can be done in so many different ways. Trust us, we are not promoting the early 2000’s fringe and neon polka dot fabrics onto your home! It is quite the opposite, actually. Pulling from accent undertones or bold statement’s is a way to take your furniture to the next level. Cover up those long legs with a unique and chic alternative!

Photo Credit: Gianni Franchelluchi

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