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Lucinda's (all-time) Favorite Paint Colors

Here at LLI, we don't mess around when it comes to paint. After all, the walls are the foundation of the room so if you get that wrong, you'll be off to a very rough start. Here are the colors Lucinda consistently comes back to, trusts in, and loves:

1. "Caviar" by Sherwin and William's. This is our go-to black. Caviar embodies its' rich depth, picking up its own personality throughout a home. It can both pose as a statement wall or blend in with its surroundings. It's always a winner!

2. "Extra white" by Sherwin and William's. This bright white is the perfect refresh whether used in a remodel or new home. It gives the home a face-lift and is perfect for a modern setting (especially because there are no yellow undertones). Not warm, not cold - just clean.

3. "Repose Gray" by Sherwin and William's. It's no secret that most of the time, no one knows what color to paint their home. There are so many options! So - to combat the struggle, this is what we almost always fall back on. It doesn't go blue, yellow or anything in between. It's our go-to gray without showing an ounce of cold. *chef's kiss*

4. "Copper Mountain" by Sherwin and William's. This is the richest and most gorgeous color done in lacquer. You'll thank our later.. :)

5. "Snowbound" by Sherwin and Williams. Another go-to. This rich bone/oyster pearl color is a great base that doesn't go yellow or gray. We like to pair it with a color such as "Black Night" (aka Lucinda's favorite color combination for a high contrast look).

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