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Luxe Layers

Here at LLI we aim to design every home to fit the clients’ personality, lifestyle, and taste. A home should feel lived in by accessorizing with quality furniture pieces and layers that make you feel like a million bucks.

Here are some of our designer tips:

  • Start with a lush foundation by choosing substantial pieces that fill the room. Scale is everything! Opt for the bigger piece, then minimalize the rest with clean lines and monochromatic color schemes.

  • Layer your color tones and never go against the family. This means, layer different shades of the same color for a lavish softness so you can add interest with the décor later.

  • Create your focal point. Whether that’s the bed, a fireplace, or an art piece, layer your textures on top of each other for visual interest. We love a good wallpaper, and never say no to a vintage chair with custom upholstery. FABULOUS!

  • Contrast your oversized pieces with the basics, then go for the personality. Layer with a bold rug or custom light fixture... or who knows, line the walls with antique mirrors like we did in the Cherokee project.

  • Mix your big and bold with the small and subtle. Don’t be afraid of clashing patterns or colors, as long as they have a purpose and complement each other in a small way. Because in the end, the more layers you add, the more depth you can create within your space.

  • Utilize bone or cream tones throughout the home, like we did in the Saddlebranch project. This simplicity will give more opportunity to layer with your favorite art, installations, or accessories.

As long as you find the fun in functional when designing your space, you will be able to create one that feels truly yours. Don’t stress on being too conventional and too clean-lined. A luxurious, layered space will age like fine wine in no time.

Happy layering! XO, LLI

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