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Luxury Bathrooms: A How-To Series

With our recent feature in Homes & Gardens, highlighting wow factor bathrooms, we only found it fitting to dive deeper into this highly sought-after topic.

My go to luxury bathroom aesthetic is clean and current. With the chaos our lifestyles bring, we all need a simple retreat. One that we can rely on free of clutter, but that is consistently functional. Here at LLI, we love to save money where necessary. However, there are certain aspects of a bathroom, in particular, that we opt to splurge on.

  • While we love natural stone for flooring and walls, we avoid using it when it comes to the countertops to avoid staining and etching. Instead, we lean on man-made materials by Cambria stone and the many beautiful porcelain ’s that are available to us.

  • Beautiful hardware is the jewelry for a bathroom. Be sure to update all fixtures and not to mix different patterns. In my book, its perfectly okay to accent with different finishes when it comes to hardware and lighting. They do not need to be two of the same.

  • Opt for hanging pendants over vanities opposed to overhead lighting. Overheads typically cast shadows and can be harsh - no thank you!

  • When it comes to vanity mirrors, I most prefer a full wall over framed. It opens up the room and avoids clashing designs with dated frames in the future. Be timeless. Round will get old, so go for the wall to wall mirrors instead. And! When possible, take it perpendicular on the wing wall, creating a mirrored niche over the vanity.

  • Cabinet talk: I prefer a mix of shallow and deep drawers for storage opposed to under counter cabinets. If the opportunity for custom depths are an option, go for it! Plan for standing products upright for easy access.

  • If given a choice, wall mounted toilets are preferred. Not only do they offer a more elegant aesthetic, it makes for easier cleaning.

  • Art: dont ignore this room! Live with art and curate the unexpected in your bathroom. Don't discriminate, be clever, and take chances.

  • Store unwanted products and unattractive tissue boxes that dont need to take important real estate on a countertop. Instead, display an edited collection of perfume bottles, pretty vessels holding makeup brushes, container of bath salts and a beautiful scoop, or shelving with rolled towels. Pay attention to these details and set it up for it both function and aesthetic.

  • To me, depending on a project, I consider all finishes to be everlasting. I make my selections based on the individual project, depending on the client’s aesthetic or desire. Some clients like brushed metal, brass, or chrome, however my go to is polished nickel. Accent with black or gold and you have a timeless looking bathroom.

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