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Ooh La La! Our Top 10 Bathroom Design Tips

Bathrooms need love, too. And by love, we mean a whole lot of TLC to make your lavatory a place where sophisticated privacy and pampering take priority. A British study concluded the average person spends a year and a half in in their bathroom over a lifetime. You’ll never have to compromise a pricey purchase in there ever again for that length of time! At LLI, we believe that where you spend most of your time is where you put your best foot forward for the best possible living experience.

Here are a few design tips that will ensure your cleansing space is as stylish as you are:

  • Open concepts aren’t just for kitchens and living rooms. We love to design contiguous spaces that are open and distinct without the traditional four walls. It’ll make it seem like you have more space than you do and when you put a water pan under the entire space, you won’t have to worry about messes ever again.

  • Keep things light and neutral. We love white. Dark counters can look a little outdated and draw the eye downward, instead of upward. Bring in color and texture with linens and accessories instead for a timeless look.

  • NO GRANITE! No offense to the stone, but we prefer marbles to create movement and texture. We are also big fans of man-made countertops: uber-current and soooo easy to maintain. Once the slab is down, you won’t regret the extra elevation it brings to the whole space.

  • Sconces on a mirror offer the most flattering glow. There’s something about light that comes at you directly rather than from the ceiling that helps out all your features when you look into a mirror… *I know you get me*. They won’t just fuel your confidence, but make your vanity look elegant and put-together.

  • Fixtures look great in polished chrome or gold. Anything else and we might as well be copying hardware from a hotel. You want every detail to be polished to bring the whole design together! When choosing between robe hooks or towel bars, we choose hooks. They’re discrete and leave more breathing space on the walls.

  • Rounded bar drawer pulls are the standard at LLI. Not only are they functional in the bathroom, but they also reiterate the softness of the space that comes from the neutrals in the paint, towels, curtains and countertops. We’re going for lush, not loud.

  • We like undermount sinks. Cleaner. Sleeker. Less of a mess. We opt for zero-radius styles: square and flat-bottomed, unless they are oval. These shapes are the least worrisome in terms of keeping clean and looking cheap. Circles are boring and lipped bowls aren’t functional, so stick with us on this one.

  • Consider concealing electrical outlets in drawers or cabinets, that way appliances can stay hidden. They are easy to reach when in use, and leave your space looking cleaner than usual when put away. This one detail adds so much, you’ll never want to see an outlet on an open wall again!

  • NO FURRY TOILET SEAT COVERS ALLOWED! Yes, wraparound toilet mats must go, too. This is 2021 people; we are no longer in the 80’s. Leave open spaces clear and simplistic.

  • Choose a focal point. Whether it’s the shower tile, a large art or furniture piece, or a pop of color, you want everything to work together, visually, and compliment the focal point. This will give that lasting wow-factor no matter the size of your space.

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