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Pillow Talk

Pillows function like art in the LLI world: never matchy-matchy and full of character when it comes to these softies. Even if they look wrong for a space, they are probably right.

Lavish pre-made pillows are superb, but here at LLI we like to go the extra mile when it comes to the details. We often custom-make pillows for the perfect finishing touch. Whether it’s what the customer wants, or what we think will make the space POP, we make sure to leave no project left behind.

One rule of thumb we like to follow is mixing a unique furniture piece with digital, over-scaled prints. The bigger the print, the better. When a pillow pattern is too small it tends to make the room feel and look busier than it is. We are too busy for busy rooms!

Now personally, we care about comfort. We always look for down inserts and shun lumpy foam. For the cover, tassels and buttons are better left out - they often end up like a lost sock the dog ate… gone. We also have a penchant for antique pillows, especially if they are made from a tapestry. Don’t be afraid to mix old with the new! It’ll make for a unique and awe-inspiring design instead of the put-together, cookie-cutter look all of our mother’s know and love.

As long as you don’t provide a TJ Maxx surplus of throw pillows on your couch, leaving no room to sit down, have fun with it. Make them express your personal style, don’t be afraid to mix-and-match, and remember… less is more!

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