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Rug Talk

When we choose a rug for our interiors, we like to choose something that blends with or complements the color of the floor, keeping with the tone-on-tone look LLI excels at. We like modern geometrics, but also have a penchant for tattered antique rugs to add some flair to a ‘too put-together’ space. We occasionally use a contrasting rug - for instance, a light rug to lighten up a room or a dark rug to make it cozier - BUT the size and proportion have to be juuust right.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking out the perfect rug:

SIZE MATTERS It’s easier to “cheat” the size of a rug if it blends with the floor or runs under a piece of furniture. If a rug that does not fill a room is placed under a bed (which we love), make sure the edges don’t end up in the main walking area. Too much rug will be overwhelming and too little rug will look like an unnecessary detail. Consider offsetting an ill-sized rug to trick the eye, as we did this in the Nantucket Showcase Home. This will help make the rug appear a different size without paying for the extra square footage.

KNOTTY BUSINESS When it comes to the different types of rugs, Ryan Reitmeyer, Manager at Carol Piper Rugs, says quality is key. “To the untrained eye, rugs may look the same. But the difference is in the knot. Our rugs are made with authentic Tibetan rug knots. Some Tibetan fabricators are skipping steps and making a different kind of knot, which is faster and less expensive but stiff and brittle. The result is a rug that doesn’t hold up,” he tells us.

The length of the wool fibers is also a factor. “Shedding is caused by inferior quality. Shorter fibers are to blame. This happens when you shear the sheep too frequently,” he explains. “They do this to get more wool, faster,” he says.

To ensure you are getting a quality rug, invest in your purchase. This will save you more money in the future and leave you with a fabulous, long-lasting piece for years.

ANIMAL! A zebra skin looks great under a desk, but try somewhere more unexpected, like a little girl’s room. Because of the bold pattern, animal print makes for a great focal point…classic with a twist!

We also love the look of several layered white hides. You’ll get the same color effect of one white rug, but with added dimension the layering provides to your space.

LET’S (TALK ABOUT) SHAG! The shag trend that is upon us CAN work, provided it be used in a room with low traffic and no food. Think offices or closets. Also, if you’re going to go shag, we prefer alpaca and natural fibers; They last the longest without turning moppy and flat... yikes. But! There is something so shagalicious about skinny furniture legs sinking into a deep, plush rug! It’s a style we are here for when done the right way.

DESIGNER RUGS “I love what The Rug Company has done for the industry. They’ve made rugs covetable,” says Reitmeyer about TRC’s collabs with designers like Alexander McQueen and Paul Smith. Carol Piper Rugs also carries designer products, including the collection by NYC-based Carini Lang. Like previously stated, rugs have the potential to stay with you for a long time, so why not invest in a fabulous choice?!

DINING ROOM KNOT If your dining area gets used a lot, don’t put a rug down! It’s just asking for trouble. Really. Most of the time, people purchase new rugs every 5-10 years because of all the mysterious things that venture their way into the knots of the rug. Food and dirt ruin the stitching, so opt for eloquent art on the walls and unique chairs at the table to fill the void of a rug.

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