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Sitting Pretty

Most people revolve their seating arrangements around the television. But alternative seating is a must for those of us who want to be in the room with the family, without necessarily watching the tube. Plus, rooms look so much cozier and welcoming when there are plenty of places to sit.

Some people think floating furniture in a room is the way to go, but we like to explore other options. Try using extra-long pieces and push sofas against walls for an exaggerating effect. This creates a larger negative space, useable for extra seating arrangements, friends or family.

Arranging your seating non-traditionally is a great way to encourage your group to mingle - check out our NYC living room, where we place one armchair to face the side of the other. This allows for more conversation areas so people can talk to each other without yelling or straining their necks.

Don’t be afraid of making seating arrangements unconventional. Our bistro table in the pool has been quite a hit. Why? Because the design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It gives people more options, proving for a successful use of space (and it’s super cute).

You have to think of the room with community and connection in mind. Consider a wall banquette in a corner, or a café table somewhere near a dining room. These conversation nooks are ideal for entertaining and the placement will look effortless. These small details are what often get overlooked but play a major role in the way people interact or move in the space.

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