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Skirting the Issue

If you think skirted furniture is a thing of the past… think again! Fashions and trends always seem to come back around, don’t they? LLI takes pride in timeless design, meaning you WON’T want to constantly redo your home with the newest trends and fads.

Skirts have typically been seen in older, traditional homes; serving a purpose of hiding storage spaces or unsightly furniture legs. Think of your grandmother’s or great aunt’s home—it was certainly a homey way of wrapping a piece of fabric as a “skirt” to conceal her rusted bathroom sink.

It often fell short of elegance… until now!

We were recently featured in The Wall Street Journal with a photo of this oval skirted ottoman from a Houston project. We allowed the pleated, cut velvet fabric to puddle to the floor, creating a liquid and fluid appearance.

By using modern textiles (such as geometric patterns, stripes, and contemporary textures) with clean application, skirts can successfully be brought out of the past. And as we always say… fabric is everything! Just as we incorporate antiques into modern homes and pass down treasured pieces, so can we give birth to polished versions of once-expired ideas.

What other ways can you bring the past into the present?


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