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Stunning Outdoor Spaces

With the 4th of July right around the corner, hosting, grilling, entertaining, pool partying season is in full effect - and you're outdoor space will need to be ready!

Designer Tips:

  • First off, prep your outdoor space that's complimentary to you and your family’s lifestyle. Be intentional about the layout. If you cook often, build an outdoor kitchen; if you host often, build a fire pit seating area with plenty of side tables for everyone to use; or if you play outdoor sports often, create the perfect corn hole setup.

  • At the same time, consider a multifunctional space to retreat at the end of the day. Whether that's curling up to watch a show or sitting around a fire pit with your family, find your serenity, and incorporate it into your space.

  • Take the indoors, out. Your outdoor space should become an extension of your home, make it YOUR oasis! Being more intentional will create cohesion and allow the area to feel encompassed and larger.

  • Invest in quality pieces. If this furniture is going to bear all four seasons, make sure you buy pieces that won't crap out after one Houston rainstorm. Remember, outdoor furniture is supposed to last you YEARS! Pick the one you want versus settling for something cheaper.

  • Pay attention to lighting - don’t forget about it. It will set the mood. Bistro lighting, sconce lighting, or even up-lighting are some of the best ways to create an ambiance you'll love to lounge in.

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