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The Roaring 20's are Back

It’s no secret that people are ready to party again post pandemic. We’ve been cooped up for too long, and with businesses and restaurants opening back up to full capacity – people are not wasting any time getting back into the social scene. For many, hosting dinner parties or cocktail hours has become a favorite past time – for others, indulging in spending at shopping malls has come back in full force.

With this break-through, people are going to take more risks and spend more money to get back to the normalcy we all craved during quarantine. Here in Houston, masks have become optional for those who are vaccinated – and to be honest – it’s strange seeing everyone’s mouths again. I can’t hide my facial expressions behind a piece of cloth anymore!

But in all seriousness, this is the perfect time for businesses such as ours to get up and running again. If more people are wanting to host, then the faster they’re going to need a designer to come in and make their home feel like-new again.

At LLI, we’ve seen a common trend of clients making their living rooms feel more like lounges, incorporating wet bars, and making more bold choices on their home décor. We love it all!

Let’s start living again - go see your family and friends, sit in your favorite restaurant, and travel often. So pop the champagne, we are back!

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