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Update Your Vases

LLI is not a proponent of flower vases. Indeed, expensive crystal wedding gifts are simply incompatible with our modern interior flair. But if you must have vases, there are ways to turn your décor from crafty to chic. Vases can be great for bookshelves, table centerpieces, or even pedestal displays.

Designer Tips:

  • Traditional collections need to be tucked away in favor of more modern vessels. We love arranging them in varying heights and shapes to play with the texture and movement throughout the space.

  • Keep your groupings in odd numbers. Trust us, it will not look one bit of odd! Only harmonious and balanced.

  • Display sculptural vases on a table as a centerpiece or a bookshelf as a focal point to bring interest into a low-profile area. An artful display is tasteful in any home!

  • Bigger doesn’t always mean better. Try low-profile, single flowers, or flower containers. The vase should be seamless so the flowers can show off. This simplistic change creates a huge impact into the world of minimalist beauty!

  • At LLI, we believe collections of vases should relate. Try a single color, or paint your collection of old vases matte white or black. This monochromatic moment always looks fabulous no matter the style of home you own.

  • Be creative about your vase contents! You don’t always have to use flowers to brighten up a space. Try filling your vases with ivy branches, wooden beads, or even peacock feathers.

Even though vases aren't our forte, we believe they can coincide with statement pieces for a real 'WOW' factor. In this case, less is more, so find your comfort in minimizing the amount on your shelves and maximizing the quality of your pieces. Because like any item, the vase itself should be a work of art that adds to the interest of your home.

We are so excited to see what you come with. Xo, LLI

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