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Why You Want! Need! Must Have! an Interior Designer

Designing a home is a monumental task. It’s a delicate balance between old and new, trend and timelessness. A sense of style will take you part of the way, but an experienced Interior Designer will make it a home run.

At LLI, we dedicate a lot of time to finding out WHO our client is. Because in the end, a beautiful home has to be super functional to be truly enjoyed, and it is your home – make it YOU. We’ll find the best stain-repellant-yet-so-elegant fabric for your sofa and make your bathroom a sexy haven fitted with a perfect nook for all your things.

We’ll foresee how that dark rug you really like might make your living room look a little small and make sure your nightstands have the right SCALE, helping you avoid costly mistakes. We get many calls from people who start decorating on their own and get stuck. Call us before you dole out your hard-earned cash on high ticket items!

We’ll make sure your dining room jives with the rest of the home and that you pick the most perfect white wall color: not too bright and NO yellow undertones! Creating flow is an impalpable yet key skill we have well-honed at LLI.

And there’s more! You’ll avoid having to deal with orders, delays, shipments and freight companies. We’ll make sure your decorating experience is fun and seamless, instead of time-consuming and stressful. After all, the devil is in the details so we wouldn’t want you to deal with that when it comes to your home.

Even if you are naturally very talented, it takes a sophisticated and educated eye to get a great result. We put serious thought into every detail at LLI making sure it all comes together. Working with us, you’ll be able to have fun with the process and relax knowing your ideas are coming to life in no time.

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